Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jobs? What kind?

Both Political Parties talk immensely about America needing jobs. But what kind of jobs? I did not see any landscaper jobs go to China. Nor did I see any dental hygienist, home painters, Congresspeople, auto mechanics jobs go to China.

So what kind of jobs are Obama and Romney really talking about? Manufacturing job mainly but also technical customer service support jobs.

 As you already know, the United States was build on manufacturing. Our nation produced thing that the World bought and we were great at it. But something happened. American businesses and American people killed American jobs. I know this because I was one who was PinkSlipped because of this trend. America is in a Catch-22. We want higher wager for workers but we don't really want to pay a higher price for goods at the store. We don't want to spend $20-$30 on a pen if we can buy it for $1. This is just a small example but the consumer philosophy is the same.

By American companies squeezing American companies and American workers demanding more wages from American companies, American companies when to a country where they could make the products (at an affordable price) for the American consumer. Is it really worth paying someone $50/hr (+ benefits) to put bolts in a car?

The solution is multi-fold:
1. Allow American companies to bring their wealth from foreign countries back into the US without astronomical taxes and penalties.
2. Set a wage for a job that is reasonable. This will allow for the cost of doing business more acceptable to employers.
3. Eliminate the multitude of redundant regulations imposed on business.
4. Stream line regulatory processes.

These are just to name a few. Here in Las Vegas there is about 14,000,000 sq ft of available space for new businesses. Let's get these filled.

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