Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toxic Employees

Have you been in a company where there is a employee that, most often, seems to be disruptive? This can be as simple as jokes that become offensive, mannerisms that are not professional, issues that are not supported by the company policy manual, and worst of all, insubordination. I have dealt with these circumstances in my 20 years in manufacturing and operations.

With Nevada being a right to work state, the easy solution might be to just terminate the employee. That would be in your right, but risky. A number of problems could occur in the aftermath that might become a bigger problem than before.

An excellent solution to most all problems in the workplace is to have an exceptional Employee Policy Manual. This manual would include every aspect of tasks and responsibilities from the time the employees arrives to the time they depart the workplace. Leaving out details only sets the employer up for avoidable stressful situations. So you make it look like a Senate Bill. So what? The manual is written to protect the employer. But written well, the employee will understand their rights as well.

The policy manual I co-wrote (for the company I co-owned) allowed us to avoid (and win) numerous claims of wrongful discharge and unemployment. Even lawyers and our Workers Comp provider were impressed with our employee manual.

Let's correspond so that I can help with your manual.