Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marketing vs Production

Sales and Marketing are the core departments to any business, manufacturing or otherwise. Without them, the rest of the company need not exist. What would the rest do without products being developed and sold?

But once those products are marketed and sold they need to be manufactured well. And that's when the tables are turned. Without good manufacturing practices, producing a product worth buying, then Sale and Marketing my not have any reason to show up to work. Who is going to buy inferior products?

Without understanding some phase of the process within each department a project can quickly become off-task. For Marketing to set forth a product without previously understanding the manufacturing constraints can (and has)lead to mis-printed packaging. This major oversight delays the Product launch date, tarnishes reputations, and increase the cost of goods which diminishes the profit margin.

Companies can do well by hiring (or training) a skilled manager to oversee the total project. One who has experience in both departments and, possibly, others. One person that fits that criterion is a small business owner. This well rounded person has had the experience of developing new products, finding a way to market the product, being out in the field selling, coming back to the factory and making the product themselves. This hard working individual is who I am. Please visit my VisualCv and learn more about me.

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